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A rapidly emerging technology, Wireless Power is quickly gaining adoption across wider applications, moving across industry sectors. Both the market and consumers alike are in need of fast and wireless charging options. The key driving factors of this technology market; Efficiency, Security, Adaptability and Interoperability backed by innovation.

Adoption grows beyond the mobile phone ecosystem. It extends to wider applications such as kitchen appliances, computing, automotive (EV and ‘in-cabin’), wearables, other consumer devices, smart home devices, the medical industry, robotics, industrial applications and wider infrastructure market segments. The expected advancement and evolution of this emerging technology is backed by a wide array of organizations across the ecosystem playing a significant role.

We, at WAWT, provide the most comprehensive data, insights, updated trends and market intelligence on the wireless power market. Our scope and coverage of wireless power technology as detailed in the brochure, is briefly highlighted below:

  1. Market Estimation: Historic, current and 10 years annual forecast
  2. Measures: Unit shipments, Revenues, Average Selling Price (ASP$), Adoption (%)
  3. By Product profile: Receivers (Rx); Transmitters (Tx) and Transceivers (TRx)
  4. By Technology type: Low and high frequency, including Un-coupled /Distance charging solutions
  5. By Power profile: Very low, low, medium, high, and very high-power ratings
  6. By Application across industry sectors: Automotive, consumer, industrial, infrastructure (public places), medical, robotics, telecom, and others

Our research is covered by the knowledge and expertise of our highly respected and well networked industry Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Latest technology trends:


  • Adoption has grown beyond mobile phones to wider application sectors. This stretches from automotive, industrial, medical, computing applications, other consumer devices, all the way to kitchen appliances and also infrastructure.
  • The trend is quickly shifting from adopting ‘wireless charging’ to ‘fast wireless charging’.
  • Companies, technology developers and product designers now have access to a wider range of technology solutions to choose. Fulfilling specific product and consumer usage needs has never been simpler.
  • The market will continue to see use of both; industry standard based solutions and proprietary based solutions.
  • Innovation will play a lead role in driving adoption.
  • With fewer technology solutions and an abundance of solution providers to choose from, the market will start to consolidate in the next 2-3 years.
  • Enhancing power efficiency, security, adaptability, interoperability as well as execution of this technology is priority to companies engaged in this market.
  • Wireless power technology will play an important and integral development role in the wider smart homes, smart buildings, and smart cities ecosystem.
  • Times are only going to be exciting moving forward, as we all are working towards cutting the last of the unnecessary cords.


Contact our Subject Matter Expert (SME) to gain more knowledge and insights on the wireless power technology market. We have a wide range of tailormade solutions to choose from, suitable for your company’s current and future business needs. Be it market data, insights, market intelligence, latest market trends, competitive analysis, consultancy/bespoke services, white-papers or interactive solutions such as events/webinars, there are a wide variety of options to choose from.

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