The most comprehensive research on the power supply market

The mature power supply market is going through continuous advancement and technology development. This is led by changes in overall market dynamics, demand across key application markets, geo-political scenarios, shifts in the production landscape, supply chain challenges, market consolidation, increased focus on energy efficiency and last but not least, focus on product innovations.

We, at WAWT, provide the most comprehensive coverage and assessment of the power supply market. We focus on data, insights, updated trends, and market intelligence. Our scope and coverage of the power supply market as detailed in the brochure, is briefly highlighted below:

  • Market Estimation: Historic, current and 5 years annual forecast.
  • Measures: Unit shipments, Revenues, Average Selling Price (ASP$)
  • Segment coverage: AC-DC, DC-DC Converters, External Power Adapters and Chargers and other key application market segment coverage
  • Application coverage across industry sectors: Access, Communication (Telecom), Industrial, Lighting, Medical, Military & Civil Aerospace, Servers, Storage & Networking, and Commodity market covering mobile devices,  computing and other consumer devices.
  • Other market segments: by geography: package type, power rating/classes, product segments
  • Competitive landscape

To optimize your product portfolio, supply chain, understanding of both competitive and production landscape, or for critical market data and intelligence as well as strategic inputs, connect with our Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Latest market trends:

  • The overall merchant power supply market is expected to witness a steady growth, with varying levels of impact across each application sector.
  • LED Lighting, considered to be one of the largest and fastest growing application markets, is expected to see more severe competition. This impacts the already thin margins and market worthiness.
  • Data Centres, Telecom (5G infrastructure), Medical sectors will witness high levels of activities and growth  led by innovation and product development in coming years. The power supply market is expected to see further consolidation backed by the recent changes in the overall market dynamics. Primarily led by changes in product demand (some led by COVID-19 pandemic), geo-political issues (trade-wars, higher import duties), shift in production and competitive landscape and other key aspects.
  • Innovation and product development will drive energy and cost efficiency initiatives.

To know more, contact our Subject Matter Expert (SME) for credible knowledge, expertise and reach of the market. We have a range of solutions and products to choose from, suitable to all your company’s current and future business needs. Be it market data, insights, market intelligence, latest market trends, competitive analysis, consultancy/bespoke services or interactive events or webinars. Your options stretch as far as your needs.




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